Coed Sand 4v4 - Sunday Funday (SP) - Spring 2017

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  • 4v4 Coed
  • 2 males & 2 females
  • All players must be 21 years of age or older
  • Team Fee:
    • $300 (the team fee must be paid regardless of the number of players on the roster)
    • $50 per player
    • 6 paid spots required
    • Extra Player Fee - $27.50
  • Free Agent Fee:
    • $63
Irish Pub

Start Date and Game Times:
  • Start Date: Sunday 3/12/17
  • Game Times: 4:00-6:50PM
*Potential dates of play, including but not limited to any cancellations, inclimate weather, facility constraints or playoff formats
. GSL reserves the right to schedule makeups and playoffs on days/nights other than regular days/nights.

 Start times are based on the final number of registered teams.

  • Teams - Responsible for own shirts/jerseys. To order through GSL, please Contact Us. 

  • Free Agents - Shirts are provided for Individual registrations.

Please visit our Rules page for more information.