Craft Brewed Cornhole - Tuesday (SP) - Spring 2017

Register A Team


Open doubles | No gender requirements | 4 players included in team fee | Frame style scoring | 7 games guaranteed for EVERY team

All players must be 21 years of age or older. 

Team Fee - $80 

Individual Payment - $20 per Player, 4 paid spots required
(the team fee must be paid regardless of the number of players on the roster)

Additional player fee - $20

Different Brewery Each Week! This include local breweries, and local establishments with Craft beer being the focus in the area of Greenville, SC.
-Brewery 85
-Upstate Craft Beer Co
-Thomas Creek
-Independent Public Ale House
-Swamp Rabbit Brewery
-Quest Brewing Co
Playoffs - Liberty Tap Room (Outdoor Venue)

Tuesdays - Start Date 3/7/2017

Start Times:
*Start times are based on the final number of registered teams 

Please visit our Rules page for more information.