ASA & NSA Bat List

NSA Bat List
All bat companies listed below are approved bat companies for the 2015 season provided that the bat
bears the NSA 2012 logo (see below).
Senior Bats do not have to bear the NSA 2012 logo however, No
Senior Bat will be approved for play unless the Senior Bat is manufactured from one of the bat companies
listed as an approved NSA Bat Company.

Anderson Bat Company

Boombah, Inc.

BPS Diamond Sports, Inc.
(Combat Sports)

Clearview Systems, Inc.
(RipIt Sporting Goods)

Easton Sports, Inc.

Hillerich & Bradsby Company
(Louisville Slugger)

Miken Sports

Mizuno USA

Monsta Athletics

Rawlings Sporting Goods Company Inc.
(Worth Sports)

Rude American Bat Company

Wilson Sporting Goods
For any and all questions regarding the bat lists, please ask umpire before using the bat.