Basketball Rules

Greenville Adult Sports Leagues Basketball Rules

Greenville Sports Leagues Basketball Rules

**Greenville Sports Leagues uses GSSAA basketball rules in governing all league and tournament games. The following rules have been modified or added to fit our Greenville Sports Leagues. **


NUMBER OF PLAYERS Teams play with five players on the court.


NUMBER OF PLAYERS TO START AND FINISH Teams may start and finish a game with four players. During the regular season teams may pick up players that are on another team's roster and have signed a waiver form for that specific league.


PLAYERS (COED) Five players constitute a coed team (three to start a game). No more than three men on the court for each team at any time.


GAME CLOCK The length of the game is forty minutes, divided into two halves of twenty minutes with the clock running except for the last two (2) minute of each half. The clock will run as a regulation clock during the final two minutes of each half. The clock will stop on all time-outs. Game time is forfeit time.

During the running clock portion of the game, the clock will start after a time out once the ball is put into play.


SCORING (COED) Female FG: 3 Points Female 3PT FG: 4 Points


FOULS Each team will be in the bonus at seven team fouls and the double bonus at ten team fouls. Players will be removed with five fouls in any one game.


FOULS (COED) Foul in the act of shooting (missed shot): He/She awarded free throws based on the point system in "SCORING"

Foul with no shot: He/She awarded free throws based on RULE "FOULS"


HOME TEAM The Home Team is the team located on the right of each scheduled game.


DEFENSE (COED) There are no constraints on the type of defense a team may play.


DUNKING No Dunking is allowed. Points will not be awarded. The opposing team will receive a technical free throw and possession of the ball.


JERSEYS Players participating in NSL's basketball leagues are required to wear shirts with numbers a minimum of six inches high permanently affixed to the front and back of each jerseys. Each team is required to bring both light and dark colored uniforms to each game to avoid jersey issues.


JEWELRY Players will not be permitted to play with jewelry including but not limited to knotted bandanas, hard billed hats, rings, watches, or earrings.


OVERTIME Over-time periods will be five minutes each and the clock will not stop. Each team will be awarded one time out not to be carried over in each overtime period.

Playoff overtime clock will stop for free throws only during the final minute.


MERCY RULE When a team is winning by fifteen points within two minutes remaining in either half, the clock will not stop.


TIMEOUTS Each team is awarded two timeouts per half and one timeout per overtime. Timeouts do not carry over.