Greenville Sports Leagues Coed & Men's Softball Rules


NUMBER OF PLAYERS Teams will play with ten players on the field.


NUMBER OF PLAYERS TO START/FINISH Teams must have a minimum of nine players on the field by the scheduled game time to start and finish the game.  If nine players are present at the game's official start time, all must participate.  Teams will be allowed to pick up a player that is on a roster and has signed the waiver form for that specific league (regular season).  The opposing team will not be required to start or play shorthanded.


FEMALES TO START/FINISH (Coed) Teams are required to have three females present at the scheduled game start time and to avoid a forfeit.


EQUIPMENT Each team is responsible for supplying its own equipment, including but not limited to bats, balls, jerseys, gloves and protective gear. **GSL HIGHLY recommends that each team provide their protective equipment. No metals cleats will be allowed.**  **GSL STRONGLY recommends that pitchers wear a masked helmet for protection.**


APPROVED BALL LIST (12") 52 cor/275 compression or 52 cor/300 compression.

**All balls MUST be yellow in color.  Any other color will NOT be acceptable. If the umpire cannot read the writing on the ball it will be deemed non playable and you will be required to provide a new ball.


HOME TEAM The home team is the team listed on the right side of the schedule.  The home team will always bat last and take the field first.


SCORE KEEPING GSL umpires will keep score.  10 RUN MAX per inning Coed: a team’s turn at bat will be declared over when the reach 10 runs in any given inning. Does not apply to final inning of a game.


REGULATION GAME A regulation game shall consist of 7 innings or 60 minutes.  No inning will start at 55 minutes or later.

During the semifinals and finals of the league tournament games will last 7 innings or one hour and ten minutes.


RUN RULE 20 runs by the end of the 3rd inning, 15 runs by the end of the 4th Inning, 10 runs by the end of the 5th Inning or after.


HOME RUNS Double Headers : Each team is allowed 6 home runs and progressive once each team has hit 6. The home team will be allowed to hit a progressive home run once time has expired OR in the bottom of the final inning. Single Headers :  Each team is allowed 4 home runs.  Any home runs after 4 will be declared outs. **The batter does NOT have to touch first base upon a hit being declared a home run.


BATTING ORDER Each player will become a batter in the order in which his name appears on the sheet.  The batting order of each team will be complete and delivered to the umpires prior to the start of the first inning. Coed - minimum requirement guy-guy-guy-girl.


OUTFIELD LINE (Single Header games ONLY) When a female batter is “at bat” all outfielders must be positioned behind the white line located 150' from home plate. If a female batter makes contact with the ball and an outfielder is within the 150' line the batter-runner will advance one extra base when the ball is declared dead.


To view the GSL Batlist click here