Greenville Sports Leagues Bowling Rules



1. A member arriving late may bowl provided that the first ball of the 3rd frame has not been rolled.

2. Teams will consist of 4 players on the roster. There may be 1 non-roster substitute if the opponent's captain agrees. if agreed upon, the sub's pin score will be recorded instead of the absent roster player's avargage (See Rule #3).

3. The absentee score shall be the missing bowler’s average minus 10 pins. The missing player with most games bowled shall be used as the absent bowler.

4. Handicap shall be 90% of the difference between bowlers average and a base figure of 200.

5. A bowlers average shall be established at the completion of their 1st 3 matches of league play.

6. There will be 4 points per night. 1 point for each game and 1 point for total pins.

7. The league will no be sanctioned.

8. Pre bowling will be allowed 2 times per season. Post bowling will not be allowed.

9. Any rule not covered above, USBC rules will apply.